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Protecting Your Interests In Construction Defect Cases

Every year in the U.S., homeowners, commercial property owners, homeowners associations, government entities, tenants in common and the like spend hundreds of millions of dollars repairing defective construction. Water intrusion issues are particularly problematic in the Pacific Northwest. Personal injuries caused by construction defects are typically referred out to one of our personal injury colleagues.

At Slinde Nelson, we develop strategies for protecting real property assets and pursuing appropriate legal action, including negotiation, arbitration, mediation and litigation. We take a universal approach in working with property owners and homeowners associations:

  • Identify construction-related issues
  • Develop recovery strategies
  • Take appropriate legal action
  • Secure repair costs from legally responsible parties

State law requires that claims for defective construction be asserted within statutorily defined timelines — and responsible parties be given timely notice of the scope of the defects. If these time frames are not met, the claims may be barred.

How Our Experience Can Benefit You In Construction Defect Litigation

Of-counsel attorneys associated with Slinde Nelson have successfully represented owners for over a decade.

  • Our litigation and negotiation lawyers are highly experienced. We know when to take an aggressive legal posture and when a more subtle approach is warranted.
  • Through our extensive industry relationships, we are able to provide clients with a current condition inspection free of charge.

Disputes With Your Homeowners Association And Property Management Company

Condominium ownership often involves special issues relating to the handling of construction defects. Your homeowners association and property management company may not always have your best interest in mind and can act in a manner that does not meet the requisite standard of care. For instance, if you have been the victim of a special assessment and your homeowners association or property management company fails to explore whether other parties may be responsible, it may be considered liable for repair costs. This oversight may make it liable for any costs of repair under the law. Fortunately, homeowners associations and property management companies have insurance policies that can cover these hidden failures.

It’s all about results — we are confident that our track record of over 100 successful cases speaks for itself. Construction defects and homeowners association/property management company-related issues require knowledge, experience and an active understanding of current law.

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